NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Free PDF Download

NCERT Class 6 Maths Solutions is the entry to high school Maths learning. Students might find it difficult to cope up with pace of their teachers. Tuition classes might be costly sometimes. Keeping all this in mind, NCERT mentors comes with their solutions according to the CBSE and ICSE pattern of syllabus. This syllabus provides students, a great insight and knowledge.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths PDF

NCERT Solutions for class 6 Maths provides step by step procedure to solve the problem. At this age where you are studying class 6, way problems are hectic. But if you practice it with NCERT Solutions, then it is like Icing on the cake. They give you an amazing explanation, even a dull student can understand easier. You can see that by NCERT Maths Book Solutions for Class 6, your marks get increasing, in a short span of time.

It contains some new chapters you are not aware of. These are the basics you could practice for some high level questions awaiting in your future grade levels. One such topic is mensuration. It is a branch of mathematics that involves calculating areas, volumes, surface areas and so on. You need not depressed if you do not understand the way of teaching in your school. Ncert/CBSE Class 6 Maths Book is there for your help.

Download NCERT Solution Class 6 Maths Book– Free PDF

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Knowing Our Numbers
2 Whole Numbers
3 Playing with Numbers
4 Basic Geometrical Ideas
5 Understanding Elementary Shapes
6 Integers
7 Fractions
8 Decimals
9 Data Handling
10 Mensuration
11 Algebra
12 Ratio and Proportion
13 Symmetry
14 Practical Geometry

NCERT Books for Class 6 Maths

NCERT books for Class 6 Maths covers Fractions, Integers, Ration and proportion, Data handling, which are very important and a slight deviation from concepts would cost bad effects. Because these chapters are important concepts used in advanced level mathematics. Practical geometry is explained with diagrams and instruction on how to construct them is given clearly in NCERT solutions.

Tips for NCERT/CBSE Class 6 Maths Book Solution

Maths is generally a difficult subject to many students. It is still a nightmare to many parents. But NCERT/CBSE Class 6 maths solutions make the work easier. It makes Maths easier to many CBSE students and helps in securing top marks. Some steps are to be followed to get high marks in the examination.

  1. Focus on easiest topics like Whole numbers, knowing our numbers, playing with numbers initially and then move on to new topics like Mensuration and Data handling.
  2. Setup daily goals to be complete every day and try to complete a chapter in one month. Practice thoroughly such that you did not miss any topics and you should be able to answer any type of questions asked from the same.
  3. If you feel a chapter is difficult, give some extra time and effort to the particular topic. Remember consistence is the key. Even you are able to complete only a single section, finish it.
  4. Do not feel bad if you cannot score well in school tests. Give your full effort and work hard. Our aim is to score high in the final examination. Keep that in mind and work for it.
  5. Exams are conducted only to analyze your skills based on that year. Stay focused and calm. Enjoy every day of the school life with friends and eat healthy.

So, please let us know via comment section that NCERT/CBSE Class 6 Maths solution will be helpful to you or not.


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