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Environmental Science is the most important subject that everyone should be aware of. The subject is taught through the NCERT solutions for class 3 EVS. The book teaches that it is our duty to protect the environment we live in. It is the subject that covers studying the different dimensions of environment, eco systems and the organisms involved in this vicious cycle.

It is great to have a subject like this in class 3, so that the younger generation can involve and act towards the environment. National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) have made great solutions for all the questions asked in Class 3 Environmental Science textbooks. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus is completely understood and solutions are prepared according to them by NCERT from Class 1 to Class 12. Every CBSE aspirant studies with the help of NCERT solutions and gains good marks in their examinations.

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Environmental Science (EVS) Free PDF – Chapterwise

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 Poonams Day out
2 The Plant Fairy
3 Water O’ Water
4 Our First School
5 Chhotu’s House
6 Foods We Eat
7 Saying Without Speaking
8 Flying High
9 It’s Raining
10 What is Cooking ?
11 From Here To There
12 Work We Do
13 Sharing Our Feelings
14 The Story of Food
15 Making Pots
16 Games We Play
17 Here Comes a Letter
18 A House Like This!
19 Our Friends-Animal
20 Drop By Drop
21 Families Can Be Different
22 Left-Right
23 A Beautiful Clothes
24 Web of Life

 NCERT Class 3 EVS Solution PDF

NCERT Class 3 EVS does not cover serious topics like pollution, natural resources and their depletion, but with basic story like chapters. This makes the Class 3 students to learn morals regarding life and environment. Since many are not aware of this knowledge from their childhood, we are cutting trees and exploiting the natural resources. At least the kids of this generation can gain certain knowledge about do’s and don’ts to the environment and living organisms.

NCERT Class 3 EVS solution can be obtained in a digital format as PDF, by clicking the download option. The solutions covers all the questions asked in Class 3 EVS textbooks. Mostly all the questions are very simple and the solutions are basically in a line or two. The solutions were prepared by NCERT professionals with greater accuracy. It is more than enough for the students to learn from this solution book, rather than searching anywhere outside.

NCERT Class 3 EVS has around small twenty four chapters and the list is mentioned below. Each chapter is based on how we can protect this environment, about families, about food habits, about animal around us and regarding climatic conditions.

NCERT Class 4 EVS Solution

CBSE Class 3 EVS Textbook Solution

Environmental Science is the easiest subject to score marks. Even it has many chapters; the solutions are a maximum of only two lines. So study properly with utmost attention and focus. It is the easiest subject and you can get centum very easily.

If you read answers for one lesson per day, you can complete all the twenty four lessons in Twenty four days and whenever you find any difficulty, NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Environmental Science pdf will come to your rescue.

It is not enough to just read Environmental Science. Remember to take care of your environment and your locality. By this, we can make our Earth a better place to live in.


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