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NCERT generally refers to National Council of Education Research and training whose headquarter is situated in New Delhi which was established in the year 1961 on the 1st of the month of September. It is an autonomous organization under the Government of India.

The Council was formed by merging seven existing national government institutions, namely the Central Institute of Education, the Central Bureau of Textbook Research, the Central Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance, the Directorate of Extension Programmes for Secondary Education, the National Institute of Basic Education, the National Fundamental Education Centre, and the National Institute of Audio-Visual Education. The council came up with a new National Curriculum Framework in the year 2005, drafted by a National Steering Committee. This exercise was based on 5 guiding principles:

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  1. connecting knowledge to life outside school
  2. shift from the rote method of learning
  3. enriching the curriculum for overall development of children so that it goes beyond textbooks
  4. making examinations flexible and integrating them with classroom life and
  5. nurturing an identity informed by caring concerns.

Textbooks published by NCERT are prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) from classes I to XII, with exceptions for a few subjects. Around 19 school boards from 14 states have adopted or adapted the books.

An online system termed e-pathshala has been developed for spreading educational e-resources including textbooks, audio, video, periodicals and a variety of other print and non-print materials, ensuring their free access through mobile phones and tablets (as e-pub) and from the web through laptops and desktops (as flipbooks).

The objective of the councils are: –

  • To promote and conduct educational research, experimentation of innovative ideas and practice of innovative ideas and practice.
  • To develop National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005), syllabi, and textbooks; teaching-learning materials and kits; training models and strategies; audio, video, and ICT materials.
  • Training of Pre-service and in-service teacher education and national and state level functionaries.
  • To collaborate with State, national and international organizations.

In our article we provide the Ncert solutions for the maths of class-11 which will be really helpful for the students to secure a good mark in their examination. In class 11 it is a crucial period for the students to understand the fundamental of every subject which will be helpful for them in the future like in 12th it would be helpful for better understanding. The solution for the class 11 Maths will be available below in the provided link.

Download NCERT/CBSE Solutions For Class 11 Maths Free PDF

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 Sets
2 Relations and Functions
3 Trigonometric Functions
4 Principle of Mathematical Induction
5 Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
6 Linear Inequalities
7 Permutations and Combinations
8 Binomial Theorem
9 Sequences and Series
10 Straight Lines
11 Conic Sections
12 Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
13 Limits and Derivatives
14 Mathematical Reasoning
15 Statistics
16 Probability

The NCERT publishes book in accordance to the central board of secondary education which is generally adopted by many schools which provide the text books at a cost of maximum rupees 50. The National Council of Education Research and training generally creates the question papers and the solution papers for all the students from class I to XII which would help them for a better preparation for the examination purpose.

Currently all the NCERT Textbooks are available in the website which can be downloaded in the pdf format which will be available in the chapter wise which would be easy for the candidate to download the chapters of a particular subjects which will be important for them to study at the current time being.

In the process of development, they have developed a site named e-pathshala in which the pdf format of the textbooks are available in the chapter wise format. The main moto of the development of this generally to increase the availability of the books to every children teacher or the schools by which there will be easy in the teaching process. 

Free  PDF for NCERT Class 11th Maths with Solutions

In this article we provide the PDF of the solution for the Math of class 11 which will be helpful for the students to study for the final examination. In class 11 the maths is comparatively difficult therefore the candidates should start practicing maths as much as possible which would help them in getting a better score in the examination therefore the candidates should study maths every time. In order to help the candidates solving the problems easily and to know the correct answers for the question the candidate can follow the solutions which will be provided below in the link which would help them to learn better.

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The NCERT example problems and solutions provides the candidate with a large number of the quality questions which would be helpful for the candidates to know the various types of cognitive levels which would be helpful in the development of the quality of knowledge of both the candidates as well as the teachers which would be improved every year by these certain types of questions.

Therefore, if a student studies properly from the starting about the subject then it would be easy for them to get better marks during the examination time which would be helpful in securing a better mark. The solution for the question paper will be available below in the article which would help the candidate to score a better mark by understanding the requirements of the answer provided below.

Class 11th Maths NCERT Textbook Questions with Solutions Free PDF

In this article you will get the requirements for a candidate of class 11 who will be having a problem in solving the mathematics portion which would provide them a solution for the questions of math of class 11.

Here you can also get various information regarding the type of question and the various levels of question which can be asked which would be useful in improving the quality study by the teachers to the students and also for the students to know the new type of questions. This improvement will be reflected in the percentage of the candidate with an increase of the percentage which would be really helpful for the candidate to have a better future. The link for the download of the pdf will be provided below from which the interested candidates can download the solutions which are available in an elaborated and chapter wise manner which would be easy for the candidates to study for the examination purpose.


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