NCERT Solutions Class 11 Biology PDF Download

In this article we will be providing the free Ncert solutions for Class 11 Biology in the pdf format which can be downloaded by the students for their references during the preparation of the final examination.

In this article you will be also gaining information regarding what is NCERT and why NCERT also with all the required information regarding the subject which will give you a brief introduction regarding NCERT and it can help you improve your knowledge. NCERT is an autonomous organization of the govt of India.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Biology – Chapterwise

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 The Living World
2 Biological Classification
3 Plant Kingdom
4 Animal Kingdom
5 Morphology of Flowering Plants
6 Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7 Structural Organisation in Animals
8 Cell The Unit of Life
9 Biomolecules
10 Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11 Transport in Plants
12 Mineral Nutrition
13 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14 Respiration in Plants
15 Plant Growth and Development
16 Digestion and Absorption
17 Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18 Body Fluids and Circulation
19 Excretory Products and their Elimination
20 Locomotion and Movement
21 Neural Control and Coordination
22 Chemical Coordination and integration

The NCERT was established with the agenda to design and support a common system of education which is national in character and also enables and encourages the diverse culture across the country. Based on the recommendations of the Education Commission (1964-66), the first national policy statement on education was issued in 1968. The policy endorsed the adoption of a uniform pattern of school education across country consisting of 10 years of general education program followed by 2 years of diversified schooling.


The NCERT stands for national council of education research and training was established in the year 1961 on September 1 is an autonomous organization of the government of India. The head quarter of the national council of education research and training is situated in New Delhi at Sri Aurobindo Marg. Dr. Hrushikesh Senapaty is director of the council since September 2015.

In NCERT generally the textbooks are published which are Prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) from class I to class XII except certain subjects.

NCERT Solution Class 11 English


Generally, in the course file of CBSE they follow the books published by NCERT as their text books. These are the books which are referred in al he schools and colleges following CBSE board from class I to class XII. Hence these solutions will be helpful for the students to refer during the exam time for scoring better marks as it is used as a textbook in the schools.


In the current scenario generally with the development taking place the books are available online in the e-pathshala website form where the students can download the textbook which is available in subject wise or chapter wise. The main motto of the development of the e-book is to reach each and every student or teacher or school to give the benefit of education.  Online textbooks can be downloaded from the e-pathshala website.

NCERT is an implementation agency for bilateral cultural exchange programmes with other countries in the field of school education. The NCERT also interacts and works in collaboration with the international organisations, visiting foreign delegations and offers various training facilities to educational personnel from developing countries.

NCERT/CBSE Biology Class 11 Solution Preparation Tips:

The students who will be appearing the examinations should start preparing from the beginning of the session which will be effective for them in scoring better marks. The student should prepare an outline of the main topics and concepts that will be covered during an exam, then use this sheet to study. This will help the students memorize key facts and other information you will be tested on.

The students should get plenty of sleep the night before a test. Although spending extra time preparing will help in improving the score but it will lead to tiredness during the examination. Studies show that student who spend more time upfront studying and less time cramming the night before typically perform better on tests.

The students should first prepare and organize with a proper timetable. Then should prepare flow chart for every topic which will be easy to remember. If a student studies properly from the starting about the subject then it would be easy for them to get better marks during the examination time which would be helpful in securing a better mark.

WHY DO YOU NEED CBSE/NCERT Biology Class 11 Solution Textbook?

This ncert solutions for class 11 biology will be giving a brief idea to the candidate regarding which is the prominent answer for the questions. This will also help the candidate to know the important topics to be written in the answer which will be helpful for the candidate to get more marks. The NCERT exampler problems and solutions provides the candidate with a large number of the quality questions which would be helpful for the candidates to know the various types of cognitive levels which would be helpful in the development of the quality of knowledge of both the candidates as well as the teachers which would be improved every year by these certain types of questions.

Here you can also get various information regarding the type of question and the various levels of question which can be asked which would be useful in improving the quality study by the teachers to the students and also for the students to know the new type of questions. This improvement will be reflected in the percentage of the candidate with an increase of the percentage which would be really helpful for the candidate to have a better future. This article will help the candidate in the process of preparation for the final examination which would help the candidate to score better.


In this article you will get the information regarding the ncert biology class 11 Solution Textbook pdf which is available for free to download in our link which will help you during the examination for the reference purpose. This class 11 biology ncert solutions pdf will give all he answers regarding the questioner in the textbooks which would give the students a brief idea regarding the points which are important to be mentioned in the answer which would give a better remark in the examination. You can download the pdf in the provided link below.


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