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Download NCERT Class 3 Hindi Solutions in PDF format. Hindi is our mother language, it tells us many things about our social culture, our heritage, our history and even of our birth too. It tells us about how people in India used to convey their thoughts using this language. Well, the beauty of a poem, the beauty of a Manuscript, the beauty of the texts in a holy book can only be understood when they are read originally in their own native language.

I am not saying that the people who are unaware of their native language can’t read the book or just won’t be able to read it. Well, every book must be available in almost all languages of the world so that people in different parts of this world would also know about other parts. But, the beauty, the thoughts lingering inside the writer at the time of writing or even the thinker too, and even the expressions must only be understood when they are conveyed in their original language.

Here, on our website, we provide you with best NCERT solutions from which you can verify your concepts as well as improve your knowledge about the chapter or about any topic.

Download NCERT Solutions for class 3 Hindi Free PDF – Chapterwise

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 कक्कू
2 शेख़ीबाज़ – मक्खी
3 चांद वाली अम्मा
4 मन करता है
5 बहादुर बितो
6 हमसे सब कहते
7 टिपटिपवा
8 बंदर – बांट
9 अक्ल बड़ी या भैंस
10 क्योंजीमल और कैसे -कैसलिया
11 मीरा बहन और बाघ
12 जब मुझको सॉप ने काटा
13 मिर्च का मज़ा
14 सबसे अच्छा पेड़

WHY NCERT Class 3rd Hindi Solutions PDF?

The book which is prescribed by our government for schools in class 3rd in Hindi is “Rimjhim”.

This book includes everything which is needed for a class 3rd student to work upon. Being a book published by NCERT (National Council of Education and Research Training), this book includes every detail about the topics in a very interesting way. It includes pictures along with the text so that the student will be able to understand the topic more carefully as well as will have more interest in reading it. Moreover, you can even buy this book easily in the market or even download your free PDF copy from the official website of NCERT books.

WHY PREFER OUR WEBSITE for NCERT Class 3 Hindi Solutions?

Sometimes you find that the things which are being taught in our schools are not enough, you need to share these things more so that you can improve your knowledge of the subject or the particular topic. Sometimes, teachers are even unable to discuss all the things and doubts of the students. So, to gain the concepts of the remaining things in your class, you need to refer to our website for Solutions.

On our website, we provide you with solutions free of cost so that all the class 4th students can easily use the solutions whenever and wherever they want.

These were the contents of the book “Rimjhim”. All these stories and poems contain very interesting ideas and messages with social awareness as well as information on various topics which is very needy for class 3rd students.

All you have to do is download the Class 3rd Hindi NCERT book and get started with your kid’s Hindi Studies. And whenever you aren’t free, your kids can see the answers from this free NCERT Class 3rd Hindi Solutions pdf.

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